I work everywhere and anywhere with prices ranging between £500 and £1000 (Based around the day of the week, locations and durations required).

Standard day cover and supply usually includes:
– Attendance from two-three hours pre-ceremony until 10pm (ish).
– 500+ images with no actual limit on the number delivered.
– Image editing.  Your photographs will be carefully and individually crafted to be the best that they can be.
– Images supplied in full resolution on USB.


One of my favourite things to create for my couples is a beautiful album that tells the story of your day. Your memories deserve so much more than to be left forgotten and lonely on a USB drive in a box somewhere. An album is just the thing to get them out of that digital forgotten land…

I personally and thoughtfully design your album, I was the one actually at your wedding and taking your photos with this in mind so I don’t palm off the work to other creative companies. Each album is handcrafted, customised to your preferences (there are lots of options!) and will truly make your jaw drop. They are beautiful, and your photos deserve to be highlighted in one.

To find out more about what your wedding album could look like, or have any other questions, then please get in touch.