Frequently asked questions

Will you be our photographer?

Yes. If you’ve got this far and like what you’ve read and seen then that’s me. I’m a real person. I currently shoot all of my weddings solo and my couples have always been more than happy with the results.

Where are you located?

My home base is in the beautiful cathedral city of Chichester.  It’s small but lovely.  I have family dotted around in other places and often use weddings as a good excuse for a road trip!

Do you travel?

Yes indeed.  I love exploring new places and venues with couples, finding out what they love about the space that they have chosen.  I have and will travel internationally if your wedding is taking place somewhere particularly awesome or remote or exotic or meaningful to you, then take me with you so I can help capture it all for you.  The only additional costs for destination weddings are the travel and accommodation costs, and any permits needed to photograph legally.

Do you photograph things other than weddings?

Yes.  Family portraiture is a favourite of mine.  I always have great fun, a bit like at weddings, capturing the real and natural connections between families.  Apart from that I’m fairly certain that my youngest child things that a camera is just a natural extension of my arm!

What if I’m not having a big wedding – do you photograph smaller weddings?

For sure.  I can’t deploy my standard photo-ninja-like qualities and disappear into a crowd but I’ll be there.  I’ve shot a wedding with only two guests before.

Do you do engagement sessions separately from wedding packages?

Yes, to mark the launch of this new and sparkly website check out my facebook page for a current offer on pre-wedding shoots…

What are your prices and packages?

My prices range from £500 – £1000 depending on day of the week, location and time required.  For more information please get in touch using the contact page.

Do you take group formal photos at weddings?

If you want me to then yes.  Family photos are important too and I’ll take as few or as many as you wish.  Just bear in mind that if you’ve hired me to be candid and photojournalistic then I’ll need to spend time on your day doing that as well.  We’ll make a list of groupings ahead of time and stick to it to keep things manageable and fun.

Do you take photos of the little details?

Capturing the detail wedding photography… it’s in the name!  That’s one of the starting reasons why my business is called what it is, a love for all of the little things that go together to make a wedding day uniquely yours and my aim to capture wedding photographs to tell your whole wedding day story.

Sometimes we feel shy or awkward in photos – will you help us with this?

Absolutely.  Believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel.  I employed my wife to take some new portraits of me (some will probably appear on this site) and it was almost painful to be on the other side of the camera!  Most couples to some level feel the same.  Most of the day I’ll be blending into the surroundings and letting things flow naturally without any interruption, so you won’t even have to worry about striking a pose.  For portraits, I aim for a relaxed, happy feel that shows closeness, love and connection, and we’ll keep it natural and fun.  I’ll help direct you enough so you know what to do, but not so much that you won’t recognise yourselves in the images.  A pre-wedding/engagement shoot can also be a good idea to help us get used to working with each other.

How many photos will we get and do we get the rights to them?

The number of photos that you get depends on the number of hours I’m shooting and what is taking place during your wedding day.  I shoot as much as I can without sacrificing quality.  My couples generally receive anywhere from 500 to 700 images.  I retain the copyright of your images but you will receive the personal usage rights, which means you can print or share on social media as much as you’d like!  Just please print your images and don’t let them get lonely on a computer or hard drive.   Your beautiful memories deserve better than that.  If you don’t foresee yourself getting around to doing that, let me share more about the beautiful wedding albums that I offer.  Go on… treat yourself!

How can we meet with you?

I will always want to meet you in person before finalising your wedding photography plan to get to know you a bit better.  Meetings normally take place somewhere where good coffee or wine is served.  I want you the be beyond sure that I’m the right photographer for you and want you to feel completely at ease with me.  Trust is so important, and the more you trust me, the less you will worry about what I’m doing on your wedding day (which is a good thing!) and feel free to be completely and utterly present in each and every moment.  I’m based in Chichester so will invite you to meet me somewhere nearby or if you’re a long way a way there is technology which allows other means of communication…

What gear do you use?

This is one of those random questions that comes up more often than I’d expect.  I would be more than happy to talk through what I’m carrying on your wedding day and why but most importantly I’m bringing my brain.  All of the most expensive and technically progressive camera, lenses and lighting kit are going to be absolutely useless on your wedding day if I don’t commit to being creatively and thoughtfully present, and don’t worry, I’ll bring all of the right kit with me to be ready for anything!

Do you have backup gear and insurance?

Yes and yes.  I believe in going the extra mile to minimise as much as possible the risk of loosing images through equipment failure.  I use multiple cameras, shoot to multiple memory cards, back up on the day, and always carry spares of everything that I could possibly need (including shoes, I had to stand in a stream once to get ‘the shot’).

How do we book with you?

After we’ve met up, agreed an initial plan for your wedding photography and signed contracts I’ll send you an invoice for a booking fee.  This then secures your wedding date and I’m officially your wedding photographer.  I do book dates on a first-come firs-serve basis so I do not actually hold dates until I receive the booking fee and have a signed contract.  If someone else is asking about services on your date, I will be in touch with you to inform you of their interest and make it as fair as possible for all parties.

If there’s anything that I haven’t answered here, please feel free to ask when you get in touch with me. I look forward to meeting with you and hearing all about your story so far…